"can i ask you something?" my immediate reply says “go for it" but my mind has already gone through the seven stages of grief





maybe the reason why I’m single is because I’ve never gone to a new years eve party at a ski resort and sung karaoke with a complete stranger

i don’t get it

u r not a true wildcat



"I wish you’d drunk text me. Not just so I can finally understand how you feel about me or how exactly you react when you hear my name. But I want to understand your thoughts when your head isn’t on straight. Because sober, holy shit you’re so mysterious and unable to read. So, I guess, I just wish you’d drunk text me."


All I want is for someone to be overly in love with me

It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.
— Tom Gates (via psych-facts)

[[seductively does nothing to indicate I’m attracted to you]]


another day, another secret 1989 listening session i was not invited to